Adding ACT’s Autism Information Database search to your site

Installing ACT’s Autism Information Database (AID) Search Tool on your website will allow your visitors easy access to over 1400 online autism resources, sourced internationally, including articles,  training videos, and useful websites.

This is a free service developed by ACT – Autism Community Training to encourage access by families and community professionals to non-commercial, practical, evidence-based resources on autism and related conditions, in multiple languages. Please visit the AID submission form with any resources you would like to recommend for inclusion in the AID.

ACT is offering this resource free of charge to not-for-profit societies internationally.

Adding the AID Search Bar to your site is simple, only one line of HTML is needed and can be placed anywhere on your site:

Full-size search:

Copy & paste this line of code:

<iframe src="" width="400" height="80" scrolling="no" style="border:0 none;"></iframe>

Here’s what it should look like:

Compact search:

Suitable for sidebars and areas where the full-size search doesn’t fit, the compact search has all of the same features but removes the AID icon.

Copy and paste the following into your website to use the compact search:

<iframe src="" width="320" height="100" scrolling="no" style="border:0 none;"></iframe>

And how it should look:

Options: For both full-size and compact search, you can adjust the width of the frame it fits in. For full-size, we recommend a width of at least 350; for compact, at least 300. Reducing the width will cause text to disappear unless the height is also adjusted. Please do not adjust the scrolling or border options; the iframe borders and scrollbars will appear if you do.

AID search is designed to be used on white or light backgrounds. If you would like to use the search on a dark background, please contact [email protected] and one will be provided.