Introduction to Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) – in Punjabi

This video describes the process for developing an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) for children with autism including what the school and parent can do to support the IEP process.  Practical tips for parents on how to work with the school in developing effective IEP goals for their child.

Thank you to Parbs Bains, Integration Support Teacher  and Preetinder Narang, Behavior Consultant, with the Surrey School District for developing the presentation content.

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About the Presenter

Raminder Kaur, Behavior Consultant, posAbilities.

Part 1 – What is an IEP (9:26)

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 Part 2 – Parents Rights and the IEP (7:01)

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Part 3 – Planning for an IEP Meeting (10:43)

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Part 4 – What to bring to an IEP meeting (12:58)

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Part 5 – IEP Goals (17:22)

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Part 6 – Home and School Collaboration (13:09)

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Part 7 – Key Messages (1:57)

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Part 8 – Q and A (12:24)

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