PBS in School, Home and Community – An ACT Video Learning Stream

This learning stream of eleven presentations from a range of professions, tackles the serious issue of how to work with children with challenging behaviors. The presenters engages educators, families, and communities to “set the stage for success” by using Positive Behavior Support (PBS) techniques for students with ASD and other special needs. The focus is on providing positive, practical information, informed by research, to tackle the difficult issues facing families and professionals.

These presentations were recorded at ACT’s 1st Annual PBS Conference, held in October 2018 at the downtown campus of Simon Fraser University in Vancouver. The conference was sponsored by the Centre for Interdisciplinary Research & Collaboration (CIRCA) at the University of British Columbia. CIRCA has also sponsored the development of this learning stream.

ACT thanks all of our presenters and panelists for their generosity in allowing us to provide their contributions to viewers internationally.

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