Two Days of Social Thinking with Michelle Garcia Winner

Thursday & Friday, October 20 & 21, 2022

Join Michelle Garcia Winner, founder of Social Thinking®, for a rare live presentation in Canada. Michelle will discuss strategies to support the needs of social learners who struggle with self-regulation, teaching lessons that promote development of social competencies.

Recording available for two weeks after the live stream
Web Streaming to Canadian residents only

In this two day presentation, Michelle Garcia Winner, CCC-SLP, founder and CEO of Social Thinking®, will use Social Thinking® methodology to focus on the needs of social learners who struggle with self-regulation by teaching lessons that promote development of social competencies. 

Day 1 – Practical ideas for teaching social competencies targeting self-regulation and friendship

Day 2 – Individualized Journeys: explaining how the social world works before expecting self-regulation

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For more information about Social Thinking, visit the Social Thinking website.

Early-bird rate ends June 30 at 11:59pm Pacific Time

Participant Comments

Comments from past workshops with Michelle Garcia Winner:

I always leave Michelle Garcia Winner conferences with “aha” moments, where I can’t wait to think and implement my ideas.


I loved how Michelle, while absolutely professional and so intelligent, is clearly approachable and human. It helps to make the content so relatable.

Family Member

All of Michelle’s stories and examples were very rich and helped drive home the points she was making.